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Handmade Paper, Rae Samuels - April 2021

In this workshop we explore the art of handcrafted paper. Join us as we work side-by-side with Rae Samuels to pour, mold, press and dry - follow along with Raes recipes or customize as you craft. Paper becomes stationery for a letter to a friend, a journaling entry or a backdrop to photo memories. Paper transforms when it becomes a thoughtful gift tag, wrapping paper, a seating card, a menu or an invitation to commemorate an experience. We use paper to forge connections with others, celebrate and communicate news and milestones such as births and weddings, and to document and share our own stories throughout time. What a wonderful history! Paper has been used for everything from currency to communication. Paper has historically been crafted using a diverse array of materials from around...

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Elegant + Wild: Dried Wreath Making with Natalie Gill Native Poppy -- A Premium Workshop

In this Premium Workshop led by Natalie Gill of Native Poppy, we explore the elegant + wild art of floral design, assembly and styling. This workshop uses seasonally available dried botanicals to create a wreath that wont wilt, but will stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for many months (if not years, with proper storage) to come. This workshop will continue throughout 2021 with new materials releases each season so you can continue creating beautiful wreaths all year long. In our podcast episode with Natalie, she shares about her journey to becoming a professional maker and floral artisan, as well as tips to styling florals and a preview of what youll learn when you join our workshop experience. Learn more at ...

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March 2021 - Drop Spindle, Lauren McElroy

If youve ever been curious about how to spin your own yarn for all of your favorite fiber arts, this workshop is what youve been waiting for. We are learning how to spin custom yarn from fiber on a drop spindle with incredible fiber artist and pattern designer Lauren McElroyIn her own practice, Lauren sources and curates her yarn from fleece to wearable art. In this workshop, Lauren teaches us how to start with top wool and spin it into a beautiful skein of hand-spun yarn. This workshop comes with everything you need; including two wooden drop spindles, combed top wool, cotton leader yarn, spools and wooden dowels. Weve also lined up the perfect set of add-ons to really take your spinning skills to the next level -- like a blending board and niddy noddy (dont worry, Lauren covers all of these in her digital tutorial). We begin by learning the fundamentals of drop spinning: how to sp...

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February 2021 - Eastern Geometric Drawing & Painting

Welcome to our workshop exploring Eastern Geometric Drawing & Painting. Fine artist and friend of The Crafters Box Zahra Ammar leads the way on how to construct two ancient patterns step-by-step: The Breath of the Compassionate and The Geometric Rosette. Once constructed, Zahra then shows how to tesselate, transfer and watercolor these intricate pieces. The result A beautiful, vibrant and shimmering piece of fine art for the home. In our conversation today, Zahra discusses her love for geometry, the rich cultural history surrounding this art, the significance of the two motifs she chose for this workshop, and much more. Learn More about this workshop: Eastern Geometric Drawing & Painting ...

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January 2021 - Woodland Botanical Embroidery, Katie Martin

In this workshop we are exploring the beautiful and delicate art of embroidery featuring woodland botanicals with artist Katie Martin of Harvest Goods Co. Whether youre brand new to embroidery or a long-time stitcher, this workshop will elevate your embroidery skills and knowledge through Katies comprehensive direction. Well learn how to split threads, tie off, correct mistakes (and realize how easy they are to fix!) and how to finish your pieces. In this detailed tutorial, she also covers all of the basic stitches and dives into some more seemingly advanced but totally doable techniques including stem stitching, french knots, whipped back stitching, and even thread painting! By the end, youll have a beautifully elegant botanical embroidery full of dimension, movement, and texture. If embroidery is something youve always wanted to try but has seemed intimidating to you in the past, ...

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Holiday 2020 - Inked Forest Illustrations, Peggy Dean

Welcome to our workshop exploring the medium of ink through illustrations & silhouettes of magical, mystical forests inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Artist Peggy Dean of The Pigeon Letters shares her skills, techniques and knowledge behind this flexible paint alternative to explore illustrating greenery using her very own line of ethically produced paint brushes. We will explore ink as our medium of focus and all of the unique characteristics ink offers. The ink Peggy chose in this workshop is so opaque it can be applied over colorful watercolor washes as she shows us how to use this technique to create beautiful silhouettes. Together we will explore the tones and hues of deep green while experimenting with the transparency of watercolors. Peggy will teach us how to properly prep our paints and palette wells while utilizing techniques to create detailed trees with...

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Traditional Cold Press Soap, Ashley Marie LeBaron - A Premium Workshop

In this premium workshop, we are learning from artisan Ashley Marie LeBaron as she leads us through the traditional craft of cold process soap making and the significance of using natural, skin-nourishing ingredients your skin needs and deserves. This artisan apothecary workshop will teach you how to work with lye, mix ingredients, use essential oil blends, and mold beautiful soap loaves with the traditional cold process technique. Learn more at: ...

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