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Hanging Gold Rimmed Bowls

Using some dollar store bowls, string, and gold spray paint, you can make some chic extra storage. Upgrade your kitchen, your office, anywhere!...

Pop Up Flower Card

DIY POP UP CARD, bouquet of flowers, all occasion greeting card, art teacher card, everyday card made simple....

DIY Mini Cup Cake Earrings


Suitcase Travel Pillowcase

Use this free Sewing pattern and sewing tutorial to Stitch up this pillowcase that looks like a suit case to take your pillow with you when you travel! ...

DIY Candle Gift Box

In this project I show you how to make a cute box for him/her Valentines Day gift. This tutorial contains the step by step instructions, so its very easy to understand it. Dont forget to like, comment and share this project :)...

Fisherman’s Rib Super Scarf

This giant scarf or stole is very easy to knit and super warm, though it is not a fast project. It will be well worth the effort on the coldest days of winter! ...

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  • Paragon Caldera Digital Kiln

    Paragon Caldera Digital Kiln
    The Caldera's separate, stackable top and bottom are completely portable. This digital model features the Sentry Xpress controller, which fires up to 8 segments...(more)

    $671.99 More Details
  • Paragon Caldera XL Kiln

    Paragon Caldera XL Kiln
    The Caldera XL comes with theSentry Xpress controller, which fires up to 8 segments in ramp-hold mode. You can control both heating and cooling with a simple 3-...(more)

    $781.99 More Details
  • Paragon E10A Glass Kiln

    Paragon E10A Glass Kiln
    The E10A is a front-loading kiln popular for glass sculpture, glass bead annealing and glass crucible work, and features an infinite control and pyrometer....(more)

    $769.99 More Details
  • Paragon FireFly Kiln

    Paragon FireFly Kiln
    The Firefly is a great beginners' kiln for processing stained glass, enamels, and ceramic glazes.This model features a 5-ounce pyrometer that takes the guesswor...(more)

    $419.99 More Details
  • Paragon Home Artist Kiln

    Paragon Home Artist Kiln
    The Home Artist Kiln is great for hand painting ceramic tiles, bisque painting, china painting, decals, etc. If you plan on high usage, this probably isn't the ...(more)

    $1,064.99 More Details
  • Paragon J14-1 and J14-2 Kilns

    Paragon J14-1 and J14-2 Kilns
    The J14-1 and J-14-2 are made of ceramic fiber for fast heating and cooling and is equipped with a vent hole and steel cover in the top and door.The J-14-1 is 1...(more)

    $1,275.99 More Details
  • Paragon KM-14D Kiln

    Paragon KM-14D Kiln
    The KM-14D is equipped with a sheathed thermocouple, recessed elements and include a 3-key electronic controller....(more)

    $1,323.99 More Details
  • Paragon Q-11A Glass Kiln

    Paragon Q-11A Glass Kiln
    The Q-11A is used to create silver clay, enameling, china painting glass, lost wax casting, ceramics, stoneware and porcelain. The Q-11A has a manual controller...(more)

    $469.99 More Details
  • Paragon SC1 Kiln

    Paragon SC1 Kiln
    The SC1 fires automatically at the rate and temperature you enter. A large, brightly lit display prompts for firing rate, temperature and hold time. Use the hol...(more)

    $611.99 More Details