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January 2022 - Rolled Beeswax Candles, Liz Wagner

Use the warmth of your own hands to roll elegant beeswax candles. This cozy craft doesnt involve any melting or hot wax, making it a quick and family-friendly activity. Liz Wagner is the Creative Director of The Crafters Box, and her love and expertise of the craft shines through as she shares a wide range of candle shapes, sizes, and embellishments to make with our kit. In this workshop, Liz teaches us how to handle the beeswax sheets, make our cuts, and pick the best wick size for each candle. The possibilities are seemingly endless as we learn to make tapered, fluted, pillar, beehive, and decorative floating candles. By combining different colors and playing with cut shapes, we can further customize our designs. Beeswax is one of my favorite materials to interact with, on a sensory level and on a creative level, says Liz. Since the Middle Ages when it was introduced, beeswax...

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December 2021 - Hand-Stitched Appliqué, The School of Making

Stitching is a meditative, slow craft tradition that embraces the thoughtful work of our hands as we turn textiles into art. Pour a cup of tea, settle into a cozy chair, and join us for a deeper look at the rhythmic stitching of appliqué with expert sewist Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin and The School of Making. Founded as a preservation of the living art of textile making, The School of Making considers quality, sustainability, and location for each and every material they source--their focus is on the intersection of fashion, craft, and DIY. Natalie shares, Ive come to believe that craft, making, and creative endeavors toward producing sustainable products will create an enduring future for our community. The heart of this workshop is found in the art of stitching. In this workshop, well explore specialized reverse appliqué and negative reverse appliqué tech...

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A Trio of Workshops - Frame Weaving, Strohsterne & Premium Tablet Weaving with Lindsey Campbell

In this special episode of The Crafters Box Podcast, we sit down with the talented Lindsey Campbell of Hello Hydrangea to discuss three incredible workshops Lindsey has prepared with us for release. Frame Weaving, released in October 2021, Strohsterne, released in November 2021 and Premium Tablet Weaving, to be released in mid-November 2021 are each unique and intricate techniques that will expand a makers library of skills. Frame Weaving is one of the oldest artisan techniques in the world, dating back to ancient times. In her workshop, Lindsey guides us through a specialized technique that weaves yarn in floating patterns on a fixed frame. The wooden frame provides structure to weaving elements that would otherwise not be able to stand on their own, creating an intricate and colorful décor piece thats ready to hang in your home. Strohsterne is the art of creating straw st...

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Poured Soy Candles with Craft + Foster - A Premium Workshop

Explore the art of custom soy candle making. This workshop immerses students in the cozy craft of personalized scent blending and candle pouring as you learn the technique essentials with husband-and-wife team, Melissa and Chad Burgess. They share their expertise and passion in their workshop, teaching us how to choose the best pairings of materials and scents to make exquisite and aromatic poured soy candles. We begin with an overview of fragrance, learning how to identify top, middle, and bottom notes. Chad and Melissa walk us through each step of candle making, from choosing your vessel and wick size, to preparing and pouring your wax, all the way through to completing and curing your candle. For those interested in fragrance blending, they share tips on getting started and exploring your preferred scent combinations. Not only will we learn the step-by-step process of creating ca...

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Wood Carving with Motoko Smith - A Premium Workshop

In this premium workshop we are exploring the art of wood carving, handcrafting artisan serveware that will become staples in our kitchen and home. Motoko Smith, of Leo in the Woods , inspires, educates and shares with us her thoughtful practice in design and woodworking. Following her techniques, well create a knife, coffee scoop, large spatula, and kuksa out of a rich cherry wood. This rewarding and immersive workshop allows us to take a wooden blank and, with time and diligence in our craft, create custom home goods that we will enjoy for a lifetime. Along with learning the fundamentals of woodworking and wood carving techniques, Motoko shares her expert tips derived from years of experience and countless hours of work. By the end of this workshop, Motoko will leave us feeling confident in our new skills, ready to experiment with future wood carving projects on our own. Learn mor...

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September 2021 - Broom Making: Naked Turkey Wing, Alyssa Blackwell

Using handmade objects in the home can bring joy to mundane activities and a handcrafted broom is no exception. Sweeping suddenly becomes enjoyable and lifts the spirit. In her workshop, Alyssa guides us through the art of broom making to craft a Naked Turkey Wing Hand Whisk. Despite its quirky name, this broom is an elegant addition to the home thats beautiful enough to put on display and practical for everyday use. The workshop begins by exploring the materials for this craft including broomcorn and cording, a dowel to use as a foot brake, and a few household tools youll want to gather ahead of time to set up your workspace. Alyssa guides us through a few preliminary design decisions that affect the style and shape of our brooms and how theyll look once theyre hanging on the wall. Working with natural shapes, textures, and colors is a soothing and restorative process. Join us as w...

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August 2021 - Fabric Weaving, Mister Domestic

Fabric weaving is a textile technique using strips of fabric to create unique woven patterns. In this workshop, under Mister Domestics expertguidance, were exploring three different custom fabric weaving patterns to build a beautiful raw linen lumbar pillow for the home. In this workshop, Mathew shares an overview of building a raw edge linen two-axis weave. Once your skills are mastered, explore two additional intermediate weaving patterns for wall hangings, placemats, table runners, quilts and pillows. You can use different axes to create interest and dimension in every unique textile piece and explore your very own patterns as you get the hang of weaving with pins on a table top. We invite you to add additional fabric bundles for more making, each bundle includes enough fabric for multiple pillows or even a lap quilt. This workshop presents a totally unique take on weaving as...

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