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A Pair of Premium Workshops - Wool Felt Appliqué & Wildflower Embroidery with Lauren Holton

Create embroidery art on a larger scale as we craft modern customizable felt pennants. Lauren Holton, the fiber artist behind Lark Rising Studios, shows us how to layer geometric botanical shapes with high-quality wool felt and attach them to cotton twill using two simple embroidery stitches. Laurens thoughtfully curated kit contains everything needed to create three custom felt pennants. The luscious felt is a Merino wool blend with a soft feel and incredible color retention. Durable and pliable, the felt is Made in the USA and ideal for this project. To correspond with the rich hues of the felt, there are thirteen matching embroidery threads along with size 5 embroidery needles. To play with felt shapes, color, and layers, Lauren has included traceable templates that can be modified and customized. ...

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Pastel Landscapes with Valerie McKeehan of Lily & Val


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Poured Resin with Christie Lothrop - A Premium Workshop

Create handmade resin floral coasters and trays that are both elegant and functional. Join Christie Lothrop, the artist and green thumb behind MadPotters, as she shares her honed techniques for mixing and pouring epoxy resin into silicone molds while creating depth with layers of botanicals. To further customize your projects, Christie shows us how to add metallic flakes, alcohol inks, and mica powder into the mold. The kit includes everything needed to make personalized circular coasters, square coasters, and an oval tray--plus safety supplies to protect both you and your workspace. Christie has also included several additional decorative elements to make the dried botanicals pop. Adding metallic flakes brings sparkle to the project, mica powder creates a translucent or milky shimmer, and alcohol inks combine to make a marbled appearance. The heat gun will help to create a clear r...

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March 2022 - Circular Weaving with Wool Roving, Jacqueline Do

Unwind with circular weaving as we create stunning wall hangings and explore the techniques and materials to find our individual creative passion. In this workshop, Jacqueline Do, creator of Along the Loom woven wall art and Social Media Manager for The Crafters Box, shares her love of the craft as she demonstrates the fundamentals of warping a circular frame along with several techniques for creating texture using merino wool roving. Learn more: ...

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A Pair of Premium Workshops - Hand-Sewn Patchwork & Machine Quilting 2.0 With Broadcloth Studio

Discover how gratifying hand sewing can be as we slow things down and explore two very special quilting workshops. Amanda Carye, the designer and writer behind Broadcloth Studio, shares her passion for this meditative craft as she walks us through each step of the quilt making process. With 25 years of quilting experience, Amanda surprisingly didnt own a sewing machine until about four years ago. The lack of a sewing machine was quite an education! she says. Working at a slower speed and spending time with each piece drove home the mechanics of patchwork and would be my personal recommendation to anyone just taking up sewing. In these workshops, Amanda walks us through every aspect of quilting. Amandas curated kits include everything needed to quilt in your favorite Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton colorway. Years of experience and testing have informed her materials selection so that ...

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February 2022 - Cashmere Knit Beanie & Mittens with Jewell Washington

For all knitters, from beginner to advanced, its time to embrace slow living through our craft as we create a cozy beanie and mitt set with luxurious custom eco-friendly yarn. In this workshop, Jewell Washington, the entrepreneurial designer of Northknits, walks us through a set of weekend projects as she shares her tips for joyful knitting. With three balls of our Lusso cashmere blend yarn, bamboo circular needles, locking stitch markers, tape measure, and tapestry needle, each kit contains everything needed to knit a matching beanie and mitt set in the color of your choice. Learn more:

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A Pair of Workshops - Rolled Beeswax Candles & Botanical Plaster Casting Liz Wagner

Use the warmth of your own hands to roll elegant beeswax candles. This cozy craft doesnt involve any melting or hot wax, making it a quick and family-friendly activity. Liz Wagner is the Creative Director of The Crafters Box, and her love and expertise of the craft shines through as she shares a wide range of candle shapes, sizes, and embellishments to make with our kit. In this workshop, Liz teaches us how to handle the beeswax sheets, make our cuts, and pick the best wick size for each candle. The possibilities are seemingly endless as we learn to make tapered, fluted, pillar, beehive, and decorative floating candles. By combining different colors and playing with cut shapes, we can further customize our designs. Beeswax is one of my favorite materials to interact with, on a sensory level and on a creative level, says Liz. Since the Middle Ages when it was introduced, beeswax h...

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